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Being a Healer

What does the word ‘Healer’ mean to you?

There are so many definitions of what a healer is, and isn’t, and usually it’s about how you are doing something to heal someone else...while being left a little bit worse off yourself.

What if it didn’t have to be that way though?

What if being a healer could be a contribution to you? And your life? And your future?

If you’ve ever wondered...

  • Do I have a healing capacity?
  • Could I heal myself or others?
  • Can I expand my healing abilities? (And how do I even access them fully to begin with?)
  • What does it take to not be drained after contributing to people?
  • I’m sure I don’t have the capacity to heal because I’m usually sad/tired/anxious/depressed/unhappy/insecure

Then this class might be for you.

You’ll know if it is :)


- 90-minute video and audio recording of this class

€ 110


This class is in English. Audio translation is included in 中文, Español, Italiano.

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